How Much Does Starting a Blog Cost? And Where to Start?

If you’re thinking about to start a new blog and don’t know about the process and how much cost it will be, than youre on right place. Here im going to tell you the short and easy process to your brand new blog even with low budget. After making a blog you can make money and also become famous person by your writing.

According to my best knowledge before starting a blog you need 06 thing so let’s begain.

  • Choose a blogging platform it mean the software you will use to run your blog.
  • Need a best host for your blog.
  • A domain name
  • WordPress
  • Select and customize your designs
  • At end just writing!

How Much Does Starting a Blog Cost?

All you need is a domain name and hosting which can cost less than approx $10 a month. According to your hosting provider. Today a lot of hosting is available in the market and HostGator is one of the most famous and affordable hosting provider. They are also giving Hostgator 75 off coupon now a days that’s too beneficial.

Key Point; About blog Biggest Investment when you firstly going to start your own blog will be your time. Please remember if you have hope of earning money from your blog than you must treat this as a business.

General Guideline                 

Now the best way to build a new blog is by using Word Press, they offers thousand of free templates that you can use for bloging. And these templates are designed for lot of kinds, for example if you are a photographer and want to sell your photos than there is  also some designs for you that you can use. Now if you want to sell some products e.g photos. There are free plugins and templates are available, that is designed in a specific way for that use. Most of designs that offers to you the ability to change colors and add your own logos trhat you can have designed. And if there is a good chance that you don not like any of these. Search the internet for even more free Word Press designs or you can also purchase a premium design for your site or blog, that can suit according to your need. So this is probably the tough part of building a blog. It is very important for you to get the right designfor your blog becase it will be a out look and out look is the very important thing to attract traffic towards  your blog or website.

Now if you want to have a Word Press blog specially designed for your business or personal use then you can do it by your self its too easy to set up for first use because on youtube you can watch a lot of informative videos regarding programming,bulding softwares and loke this also available for bloging and its set up process.

After set up you need to write articles for your blog. You also need to learn and use SEO.  And obtaining back links. Moving traffic towards your blog. After the right choices you can see results very fastly. Mostly peoples use videos to promote their blog or site. The first will engage readers and keep them on your blog for longer which google like. And youtube can also a sourse to bring traffic for your blog or blogs. Once you have a much amount of traffic.

The most people who want to make a living online will build more than one blogs. Once you have a couple of blogs that are making money for you. Than it is a good idea to outsource a lot of the work. Especially articles writing and back links. This point in your business you can start to spend money to get organized and become more profitable blog.

If you want to build a blog to make money only. Than be sure that you own your domain name and that your blog is hosted by a famous and good company.


What is Hosting? An idea!

Website Hosting is the business of giving clients some space and bandwidth from a Powerful computer server that should be connected to the Internet at High Speed. Top web hosting companies are maintaining a large number of networks of high and powerful web server computers on a location that is known as data centers. And for good performance the data centers have normally electricity and backup power systems and also a connection with the Internet too.


Where to Start?

So have you ever felt that you too can be a good blogger? Maybe not! Have you gone through countless blogs? Or just thinking that you have what it takes and you are capable of what they are doing? So if you are still thinking that you could start your own blog and make some money out of it, then it is extremly good that you would also be thinking of how to do it for making money. The first question you need to be answer is where to start ? lets have a look about this question.

I’m technically speaking each of the choices above can be your starting point in building your for your own blog. The most important element should be the one first taken care of it. Same as I was telling you at starting.

If someone wants to be a good blogger than he should be able to develop good writing skills and it is not just grammar. It is about the composition as well that is too important for writing articles. He must need to develop a writing style that flows smoothly from one paragraph to the next one and use different words that can easily let the readers comprehend what he is trying to convey them.

So at the end I will like to say you don’t give in the middle if you are thinking to build a blog just go for it. Because if you want to make progress in any filed of life you must need a start and a good but ture sayings is “beginnings is always the hardest” it is one hundred present ture.

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