White Walkers and Death Army Can be Killed in Game Of Thrones ?


The Night King gained an amazing new weapon on “Round of Thrones” season seven when he restored one of Daenerys’ mythical serpents. So in what capacity will our human saints have the capacity to vanquish the Night King and his White Walker lieutenants? We are aware of two surefire approaches to murder the White Walkers (not to be mistaken for gamesofthronesseason8.com, as clarified here.

Jon Snow, Sam Tarly, and Meera reed have all figured out how to execute a White Walker utilizing one of two strategies — dragonglass edges or Valyrian steel. However, that is not likely the best way to slaughter the supernatural monsters. With a war against the White Walkers seemingly within easy reach, here’s a gander at the three different ways characters could bring them down.


On the second period of “Round of Thrones,” Sam Tarly killed a White Walker with a dragonglass knife. He found a reserve of these weapons at the Fist of the First Men, an antiquated fortification north of the Wall. Sam trusts that the most punctual men who lived in Westeros concealed them there to use against White Walkers.

Dragonglass is essentially another name for obsidian, or volcanic glass. Jon Snow mined a tremendous measure of dragonglass while he was at Dragonstone, and has transformed it into weapons. We saw characters like JorahMormont and TormundGiantsbane battling with them on the seventh season, however they were utilizing it against the wights.

Valyrian Steel

On season five’s “Hardhome,” Jon discovered that Valyrian steel additionally executes White Walkers. Longclaw, the sword talented to him by previous Lord Commander Mormont, is produced using Valyrian steel. This exceptional sort of metal is uncommon in Westeros on the grounds that it must be produced utilizing enchantment.

The name is gotten from Valyria — the old fortress for a now-dead human advancement in Essos. Valyrian steel was manufactured in Valyria utilizing dragonfire and spells. After the Doom struck Valyria, wrecking the populace and culture, and after mythical beasts went incidentally wiped out, there was no chance to get for individuals to make new Valyrian steel in Westero however they can reforge existing sharp edges.


We haven’t seen this hypothesis tried on the show, yet it bodes well to think mythical serpent fire could slaughter a White Walker. Daenerys rode her monsters into the fight past the divider, however we didn’t see her particularly broil any White Walkers, just hoardes of wights.

Standard fire doesn’t influence White Walkers — they truly walk directly through it since they radiate a lasting chill. Be that as it may, since mythical beast fire is a required fixing in Valyrian steel, and dragonglass actually has “winged serpent” in it, we trust an impact of blazes from a monster’s mouth may do harm to these strange other-common creatures.For more on the contrasts between White Walkers and wights.

Tall, it was, and withered and hard as old bones, with substance pale as drain … The Other slid forward on quiet feet … Will saw its eyes; blue, further and bluer than any human’s eyes, a blue that consumed like ice … The Other said something in a dialect that Will did not know; his voice resembled the breaking of ice on a winter lake, and the words were deriding.